We live in this fjord, all year around. Runa (mom), Erik (dad), Lovisa (daughter) and Åsmund (son).

Runa takes care of the farm and our guests, Erik work in Leknes at a company called Insula. They own several factories making all kinds of sea food products. We love their heart shaped fish cakes for dinner, or grilled at a bonfire. Lovisa goes to school in Stamsund, 17km away, and Åsmund is at day care 18km away.


At the farm, we also has two Icelandic horses, some chickens, a dog called Benny and 3 goats called Minnie, Dolly and Dagmar. The land at the farm is mostly steep mountain side and rocks. This is a typical Fisherman farmers farm. The Fisherman farmer is the fisherman’s wife. She kept the farm and kids, and older family members in order while the husbond took part of the huge harvesting of the sea; Lofotfiske.


They kept it small and simple, and sustainable. And this is what we aim for. Our main cultivating skills is people, and not so much groing veggies or keeping live stocks. We make conscious choices regarding consumption, and try our very best to live a life where we can say we did the best we could to hand over skills and knowledge to our children, to nourish our resources rather than using it. To find happiness in experiences and connections rather than new things.


We believe happiness springs out of strong and healthy connections with other living beings.


Our farm is NOT vegan or vegetarian. It is sustainable. We have a strong conviction that industrialised farming is not good, at all. Neither when it comes to producing beef nor soya. What we do believe in, is biodiversity.


In our region, biodiversity means grassing animals in the mountains to keep the open landscape to overgrow. The grassing animals can make usage of grass inedible for humans. And at the same time make sure to keep the biodiversity. They keep the fields open so the wild flowers can grow. Our pollinating insects rely in these wild flowers to survive. And in the same mountain fields, we can harvest berries packed with all those good things we humans need in order to function during a long, dark winter.


We make sure our animals enjoys a good life while it is young and healthy. When fall comes, we can thankfully eat our food knowing that all parts of this animal has been taken care of in the best manner possible, to give us nutritious food during the year. We make sure the WHOLE animal comes to use, not just the tender loin, and then the rest goes to waste.


The Fishermen's wife knew how to nourish their resources to make the most out of it. To cultivate it, and to enhance it. She is our role model when it comes to sustainability.


The Fishermen Farmer IS sustainability!


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Runa +47 454 73 355

Erik +47 902 54 111

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