The Sundsfjord Mäkitaavola Family

This is us, one of few photos we manage to get all of us in one photo. You might see why. Taken a while back as you might realise when you get here, and doesn't recognise the children as they has grown quite a lot since then.

Runa: The art director and creative manager. With never-ending flow of ideas and see opportunities where most people see nothing. 

Erik: The executor and the one keeping us all standing safe with our feet on the ground. He has an unusually high work capacity and implementation ability and has a black belt in Lean. If you know what that mean.

Our differences makes us the perfect team, not moving too fast, nor slow.

Our common strength is stubbornness, that is why we always get there in the end.

Åsmund (born 2016) is his fathers helping hand, love to work out side sorting things out.

He is rather shy, but always want to say hi to our guests whenever possible.

Lovisa (born 2012) and she surpasses both the mother and the father in creativity and intelligence. She is outgoing and is already an important part of our working team.

We find it hard to keep up, but we are grateful that both our children are kind, helpful and curious. And off course we need to put them first from time to time. Hence the odd hours of personal check-in, and why we try to keep the hours between 3 pm and 8 pm as Family time for as long as they want to. They will soon enough trade the time with us for more exiting time wasting activities like hanging out with friends and deep dives into the world of the inevitable smart phone. We need to make the most out of it for as long as it lasts and hope our guests will appreciate our effort.

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